To be Continue

Recently, I’ve found that i didn’t understand them at all.
What you want me to do!
You asked me “Are you angry?”
I’m not angry. Just tired really really tired.
Am i doing what i really want to?
Maybe i didn’t respond ‘cause i don’t know what i should answer.
Stay with myself was the best in that time.
Give me a time.

I’m not ready to start my arrear.
No inspiration.
I’m thinking of what i should do next, what i have to do first
I’ve planned it, but i didn’t follow.
All i can do is try, try, try and try.
Sometimes i want to take a break to breathe and now it’s time.
Sleep without thinking of anything.

My back bumped with a chair.
It hurt.
Oh my back T^T

I do it what i don’t like.
I do like them
I do like other
i do it too.
it’s paradox.

try to tired or tired to try

It continues changing.

Current Listening: La Cha Ta – f(x)
Tag:  Violent


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